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    Comfort Shield

    Comfort Shield 34 x 54 Inch Premium Waterproof Sheet Protector with Ultra Soft Poly-Brush Surface


    Our Comfort Shield design is capable of absorbing 8 cups of liquid while keeping the surface soft and protected

    • Our design is capable of absorbing 4 cups of liquid while keeping the surface soft and protected
    • Unique brushed polyester fabric channels fluid quickly away from the surface for maximum comfort and protection
    • Goes over the bottom sheet to protect mattress and sheets from moisture and staining
    • Our Interior layer of poly-rayon fibers ensure fast absorption and effective protection
    • Up to 300 washes, washer and dryer friendly


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    Mattress Protector

    Priva Premium Ultra Waterproof Sheet and Mattress Pad Protector


    Ideal for Children and Adults Incontinence Protection, Innovative 4 Layers Design, Guaranteed 300 Machine Washes, 5 Cups Absorbency (24″x34″)

    • KEEP SHEETS DRY – Our sheet protectors are designed with 4 absorbent and protective layers to keep your sheets and bed dry and protected all night while still being comfortable and unobtrusive.
    • FOUR LAYER PROTECTION – Up to 5 cups of protection, Keeps skin safe and protected. Comfortable soft quilted cotton/polyester top surface, soft polyester fiberfill layer, super absorbent high density inner layer and quiet vinyl waterproof waterproof non slip barrier.
    • GENEROUSLY SIZED – At 24″x34″ our sheet protector provides maximum protection. Designed to absorb quickly and lock in moisture for the best protection and comfort available.
    • LAB TESTED – Our pads and protectors feature our Vintex Safe Guard Barrier System, certified by a third party independent lab to be free of lead, cadmium, mercury and all phthalates.
    • REUSABLE – Our sheets have an industry leading 300 wash cycles. They are washer and dryer friendly as well as bleachable. Economical and environmentally conscious solution to disposable options.
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