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Fiberlinks Textiles has been an industry leader in the manufacturing, distribution and importing of branded and private label textiles. Our international customer base spreads across North America and into the United Kingdom, Spain, and Australia. Fiberlinks Textiles specializes in eco-friendly, waterproof and absorbent textiles of various styles. We have also incorporated an extensive line of anti-allergen protective bedding products.

With over 30 years of combined experience at various levels of distribution and retail channels, we possess a keen insight into the ever evolving demands of the global marketplace. We pride ourselves on our dedication to innovation, keeping up with current trends, providing premium quality products, and exceeding customer expectations.

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Fiberlinks Health Care Textiles (FHC) is an industry leader in developing, manufacturing, distributing, and importing branded and private-label textile products. Our international customer base spreads across North America, the United Kingdom, and South America.

FHC specializes in eco-friendly, waterproof, and highly absorbent textiles of various styles. With almost 40 years of experience, we possess a keen insight into the ever-evolving global marketplace demands. FHC is dedicated to innovation, staying close to market trends and user needs, developing products with the latest technology and efficiencies. We pride ourselves in our ability to deliver a quality product portfolio that satisfies the end customer, ensuring that we service the specific needs of our value market partners.



For over 65 years, Symak Sales Inc. has strengthened its position as a leading distributor of a value-oriented everyday type consumer product throughout North America. Symak products can be found in almost every retail and e-tail outlet in Canada: discount and dollar stores, variety stores, grocery, pharmacies, hardware outlets and department stores. Visit our site to see our over five thousand-item product portfolio.



As a leading Private label designer and manufacturer of reusable shopping bags, we support major North American retailers to provide their customers with reusable shopping bags. In addition, we partner with organizations that want to impact the environment positively. Many small decisions can make a big difference.



It is the Largest Canadian designer and distributor of authentic sheepskin Classic design outerwear and accessories.

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