Oasis Seat Cushion

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  • Use with your existing car seat, truck seat, office chair, or bench. No installation or setup. Thin, lightweight and portable.
  • Designed in California. Patented 3D fluid-flotation technology offers unparalleled sitting comfort. Designed from clinically proven medical-use cushions.
  • Relieves sitting and back pain. Micro-movements continuously adjust to promote proper posture and help strengthen your core. Improves comfort provided by ergonomic chairs.
  • Proprietary technology sandwiches fluid, air and foam layers in a thin, lightweight cushion to provide lowest sitting pressure.
  • Won’t ‘pack down’ like air, foam, and gel cushions. Lightweight, portable, and inconspicuous.
  • Size: 16 x 18 x 1.5 inches
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The OASIS 3D flotation seat cushion provides the best sitting comfort for your chair, car seat, train seat, or bench. It is designed using the same patented 3D fluid flotation technology used in the PURAP medical seat cushion. Its patented technology has been clinically proven to provide the lower sitting pressures than any other comparable product.

Use with: Office chairs. Car seats. Household chairs. Stadiums. Benches.

Use for: Poor posture. Sitting pain. Back pain. Numbness from sitting.


Ideal For:

People with desk jobs. If you have an office desk job, you typically sit a minimum of 7-8 hours each day. Even if you take regular breaks, uncomfortable seats coupled with sitting long hours can cause aches, pains, and numbness.

People who commute. If you commute every day, you already know that you are subjecting your legs, back, and buttocks to a lot of strain.

Truck drivers, cab drivers. If you drive for a living, sitting related aches and problems can affect your ability to perform your job.

RV owners. If you have to take frequent breaks to stretch your legs, neck and back, it sucks the fun out of driving.

Gamers. Regardless of whether you’re a PC, Xbox or PlayStation gamer, you’re probably over-clocking your body by sitting in one place for hours without taking breaks.

People looking to improve their posture. Your poor posture may be a result of your body’s attempts to avoid uncomfortable sitting positions.  Poor posture can lead to back and spine problems, which may result in further complications and be difficult to treat.

10 Great Benefits:

  1. Unlike foams or gel cushions, it will never pack down and flatten out.
  2. Provides relief from sitting pain and back pain, helps maintain proper posture, and strengthens your core.
  3. Can be cooled to provide additional relief against inflammation.
  4. Comes with a breathable and waterproof cover that is easy to clean.
  5. Fits: Most office chairs, household chairs, and car, truck and RV seats.
  6. Maintains skin micro-climate
  7. Breathable and waterproof cover
  8. Easy to use and easy to clean
  9. Use with your existing chairs, car seats, benches, etc
  10. Limited 30 day warranty


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